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About Personal Injury Law:

Car accident lawyers have experience with car accident claims.  Accidents are traumatic.  Victims can have injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), fractures, concussions (which is a mild traumatic brain injury), tears, soft tissue injuries and often a combination of the above.  Psychological injuries such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, difficulties sleeping and nightmares can be devastating.  Expenses can start to pile up and there may be significant income losses. 

Slip and Fall lawyers can also help you with injuries due to ice or snow.  Trip and falls can occur when there are unexpected trip hazards on the ground surface.  Slip or trip and fall injuries can often result in FOOSH injuries - fall on outstretched hands - leading to fractures and/or dislocations.  These can have devastating lifelong consequences.  Many broken bones take years to heal and cold weather or changing weather conditions can make chronic pain unbearable.  Toronto personal injury lawyers can help you with the financial fallout that may arise from being injured due to someone's negligence.

Long-term disability lawyers can help you with a denied LTD claim.  These claims typically arise when an insurance company deems you ready to return to work when you are unable to do so due to injury or illness.  Medical evidence is key and a LTD claims lawyer can help you fight an insurance company's denial of your long-term disability claim.  An insurance lawyer can also help you with other claim denials, such as Critical Illness Claim Denials.

Dog bites can result in serious scarring and psychological injury.  A dog bite lawyer can assist you with suing a negligent dog owner for your injuries.  Dog owners are responsible for their dog and if their dog attacks or bites someone, with or without provocation, a dog bites lawyer can help determine if you have a case.  Speak to a Toronto dog bit lawyer to find out more information about how to proceed with a lawsuit arising from animal attacks. 

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