Insurance Claim Denials

Long-Term Disability Claims:
If you have LTD benefits through work or private policies you've purchased, you should be entitled to benefits if you meet the test.  If your benefits get denied, you should speak to a lawyer.  Key Legal can connect you with lawyers that handle not just long-term disability claim denials, but also the following:

-Short-Term Disability Claim Denials (STD benefits)

-Critical Illness Policies

-Life Insurance Policies

-Accident Insurance Policies

-Accidental Death Insurance

-Other insurance policies

Improper coverage? There may be liability against the person or company who sold you insurance, such as your insurance broker. 

If your insurer says "NO" to your claim for benefits, don't take no for an answer.  Lawyers can help you see if you have entitlement to the insurance policy you've paid premiums for over the years.  

Key Legal can connect you with lawyers who can look at your case for free, to see if the insurance company has improperly denied your claim.  You need a lawyer on YOUR SIDE, looking after YOUR RIGHTS. Find an Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer today.