Slip and Fall Claims

Have you been injured due to snow or ice? Was there a lack of salt on the ground? Or were you injured as a result of a spill or liquid substance left on the ground?

Slip and fall claims can arise when a person is injured at both public and private property.  For example, a slip and fall claim can happen at your everyday supermarket such as Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro, Freshco, No Frills, Food Basics, Costco, and more.  We've seen slip and fall claims occur at malls such as the Toronto Eaton Centre, Yorkdale Mall, Square One, Vaughan Mills, and more.

Other times, it can happen on private property.  If you have a claim against the City of Toronto or another municipality, you need to speak to a lawyer right away.  You don't want to be out of time.  

If you are looking for information on Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall claims, there a many resources online you may wish to consider.  

Here are some:

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Despite all the good work lawyers do to ensure that plaintiffs get properly compensated for their injuries, sadly there are many players who would like to see it become more difficult for plaintiffs to sue for their broken bones and time off work.  If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, be aware that insurance companies will try to deny your claim. Just look at this article:

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